Tip 00: Prologue

I’ll be writing a series of tips. I won’t be using the term “life hack” because I hate it. I considered “protip” briefly, but then I thought, “To hell with it, I’m going old school. A spade is a spade, a tip is a tip.” Thus I’ll be sailing under this banner, dull as it seems. And in the spirit of balance and concurrency, my next post will be a tip.


nonzyro and the Undramatic Return

I haven’t posted anything since 2016. A lot happened during my absence from the amateur blogging world. During that time, a lot has happened — both good and bad. I now find myself at a point where my entire existence seems to revolve around change: the changes I’m undergoing personally, professionally, and everything-else-lly. Ironically, I also find myself at point where I have just enough time to manage a blog again (albeit probably quite absently). And on the subject of this blog, I do plan quite an overhaul in the near future.