Yes, I Know

Yes, I know, I’ve been really bad,
Being inactive, leaving readers sad,
Please believe, I’m quite contrite,
And will attempt, with all my might,
To get myself back, to sensible ways,
Posting at least once, every few days,
But right now, my life’s as busy as hell,
I can’t explain it, there’s too much to tell,
I’ll say this much, it’s for a new place,
Where I can be in, a better head-space,
In other words, I’m–

Okay, enough. Essentially I’m busy trying to make money to get out the shitty garden cottage I live in (actually, it’s fairly decent, but my landlord’s an intolerant bastard who think being different is wrong and that I don’t have the right to be myself within the confines of my own space which I’m renting). To achieve said move, I need to make money towards furnishings, deposits (and a PS3 controller — unrelated) so I’m doing soul-destroying work, which I’ll share more about soon, whilst trying to work on another project, too, and I simply, honestly, really, truly, actually, obviously haven’t had, and probably won’t have for a while, time for blogging because I’m tied up (and not in a good way).

If you guessed this post was just fluff to stunt the growth of the gap between my last real post and the next real post, you’re right. Your prize for guessing? How about a photographic collection of me cosplaying as Claire Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy and a zombie from Resident Evil 2? No? Then you’re a bigot and I hate you and you wouldn’t know kawaii if it leapt out and baka-punched you in the face.